Truth about my HTML/CSS Life

I learned CSS on my own when I was 14 years old. It all started in Friendster where I am addicted creating dummy accounts just to write testimonials on my profile. While I got attracted with bling bling signatures, and started to ask how the fuck they do that. I have no idea how I get myself looking at HTML codes, I just woke up one day reading <a hrefs> and <imgs> tags. – Bling Glitter Graphics

Basically, I am a very jealous type of person and as much as possible I want to do better things than what they are doing. And of course, to make an improvement, I do it in a silent way. I admit and consider to label myself (sometimes) as a great stalker. I visit my friend’s profile counting how many testimonials they have and compare to what I have and make sure I am always still on the top notch. The more testimonials you have, the better profile status you get.

Until, again, ONE DAY, someone beside me renting in the computer cafe got this fancy background images like a matrix, with colourful fonts. I was like, HOW!?!


I tried to remember his name on the screen and searched him after he left the cafe, I found his stunning profile, and I was able to track the website where he customized it because of the so-called “CREDITS” link to PimpMyProfile website generator.


I did it too! My Friendster profile has already background and got different font colours and styles. I bragged about it to my friends. The next day, my friends customized their page too. I can’t accept the fact that someone did the same thing as mine.

To make myself look cool, I studied on my own what is HTML and CSS, I been reading the page source codes and I still have no idea what is <html>, <p></p>, <style>, <body> and etc. Spending my days in front of computer during summer and writing codes just to make my profile totally different and I made it. Due to my hardwork and jealousy, I revamped Friendster’s standard profile page. I hid certain tables and divs.

From that experience, I got this first freelance project. I received inbox messages from my friends how I managed to do that. I am way too ambitious and offered them to pay me Php50.00 which is approximately $1.30 then I can work with their page.

Till then, I’ve known HTML and CSS for the past 10 years. At my young age, I discovered so many things and up until now, still learning how to manipulate the page with the use of CSS. I am not saying that I memorized everything, but then, “WHAT IS WEB RIGHT NOW?”. We can copy-paste and modify to make brilliant things. I am not being hypocrite, I think most of us, Web Designers, have this in common. We know the differences of each tags, properties, elements and values. We also do research, testing, modification and revamp.

At the end of the day, we are just following one rule/standards no matter how fancy things are. Time flies so fast so does technology.

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