Jeepney Flugtag Design

Last October 28, it was Singapore’s first time to have Redbull Flugtag event held in Siloso Beach, Sentosa. It’s a wackiest human-powered flying crafts that take off a 6 meter ramp into the lagoon. It’s about total of 38 teams attempted, amidst cheers from a 35,000 strong crowd, to break the Red Bull Flugtag world record distance of 69.79m.

However, my friend is one of the contestant and their team is named as “Spawn-taneous”. The group is composed of Filipino people in Singapore who have a common interest in Sports such as Paragliding and Wake-boarding.

I was able to help design their entry, and I am really proud of my creative paint design. It’s actually inspired from Team Manila Philippines with a touch of abstract imagination. Although Rizal isn’t that accurate, but I tried hahaha 😀

We’ve been working out together for 1 week straight just to make everything perfect 🙂
It’s cool and amazing! We made it!

A Lonely Freedom

My dad is very strict. He doesn’t want me to go anywhere without his permission. He monitors my time and asks me so many questions just to make sure the place I am going and the people who will be going with me is safe.

I was so stubborn and I always wanted to have a freedom to do whatever I want to do. Unfortunately, I’m still under my parent’s house. I have to obey the rules and play safe: Make white lies to cover up my mistakes and for the short period of time, I could enjoy it. I understand that I am still studying and my parents doesn’t want me to have a fucked up life. They just want me to finish my degree, get a job, earn, spend it wisely and have fun.

During my college years, I’m a bum student. I’m in a rush to graduate. I always count the days remaining, the subjects to be taken in each semester. But the more you make things faster, the more you make mistakes and I failed a lot of subjects that time. I know I am not one of the cream of the crop, but due to my eagerness, I always find a way to get what I want. Got some side line jobs and community involvement to make myself busy after school. This is a part of me that even I don’t memorize a book and concentrate with the engineering formulas, I could still achieve what I wanted in my life even in a small way. Although my parents doesn’t trust me, from this kind of experience, I learned how to cope on my own problems. Deal with it and clean my mess.

I should be proud of myself because it’s all about tactics/strategy and how I deal people around me.

After getting my degree, I was able to find a job overseas and immediately fly away from my country and live alone. As a result, I can do whatever shit I want to do. I got a god damn fucking freedom. I can have the money and stuff. But sometimes, too much isn’t good. I realized that craving for being independent will make you more lonely. Right now, I’m in-front of my laptop typing my shit. I expected too much of myself. I know this is what I want but there’s something missing. Life isn’t perfect, you may get rewarded, but may still have flaws in it.

More Than You’ll Ever Know

I used to listen to this song… and something that really flashes back my memory.

I know living with me ain’t always easy
I dam up emotions some men just let flow
But girl when you’re not by my side I feel a part of me has died
‘Cause I love you more than you’ll ever know

More than life more than I’ve ever loved before
It’s absurd and beyond words
I couldn’t want you more
And when I try to pour my hear out to you
I’m not sure it shows
That I love you more than you’ll ever know

I’m sure you’ve heard it said hearts have windows
But mine has doors a painful past has closed
Unless someday they open wide revealing feelings locked inside
I’ll love you more than you’ll ever know

More than life more than I’ve ever loved before
It’s absurd and beyond words
I couldn’t want you more
And when I try to pour my hear out to you
I’m not sure it shows
That I love you more than you’ll ever know

Even when I pour my heart out to you
I’m not sure it shows
That I love you more than you’ll ever know
Yes I love you more than you’ll ever know

If I could only see him.

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