New York Countdown (Story 3)

December 4: Me and my friend decided that I am the only one going to New York since our ticket is non-refundable, so there is no point of cancelling it. Based on our understanding from a call center in Emirates, there is a “eRefund Voucher” feature on “My Dashboard” account from their website. This will cancel the flight and will make it as a voucher where we can use it for future bookings. But it’s not the function. It will refund your whole ticket automatically without any levels of confirmation.

I filled up all the necessary fields on their web form and submitted it. I received a copy to my email stating an acknowledgement that they received our request and will take an action as soon as possible. For me, I had been waiting for an email confirmation or any sort of call from the airlines, but I didn’t get any.

So, by December 6: I called their hotline to make a clarification that I only want to cancel my friend’s flight and use it for future bookings. We also discussed and agreed that there would be a cancellation fee of 100$ + if we want to make it as an open ticket, it’s gonna be another +100$ which is valid for 1 year. Once, we’re ready for booking, a rebooking fee of $200 will be charged. We really agreed with the penalty fees instead of losing the ticket for nothing.

The Emirates customer care asked me also many times if I will only do this for my friend.. I said YES many times. “Yes, I want to cancel my <friend’s name>’s flight and I am the only one traveling.”, “Yes, we agree to pay the penalty fee.”

After all the 35-minutes talk, I feel relieved because my concern was addressed properly and resolved immediately. So it is confirmed that I am the only one traveling.

December 9: I was talking to my housemate about what happened to my friend, and then that night, I was trying to show off the ticket online… Unfortunately, BOTH OF OUR TICKETS were gone. I am on panic mode and I really want to cry. I called the hotline and it really crushed my heart of what I heard from the agent. He said that my booking is no longer active and they can’t do anything about it. The flight has been cancelled and processed the refunds.

I had been yelling and explaining to him about what happen but they insist of “I suggest that you should just buy a new ticket. We can’t do anything from your old booking.” – Really!!?! Oh my fucking gawd! It’s really stressful and at the same time, very heart breaking. The Emirates agent said that I made a refunds from December 4 and they processed it. I been insisting him about what happened to my December 6 call? It has been ignored? How come that their system didn’t know my logs and previous transactions? When it comes to money sucking – they are very alert… but when it comes to customer’s complaint or flight problems, – they don’t just give a fuck to help you!

I even lodge a police report in Clementi Singapore wherein it’s near my place. Police told me that they are sorry of what happened but they cannot do anything about it. But then, they referred me to Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE). It is the local consumer watchdog aiming to inform, educate and protect consumers. I also lodge a complaint, and they said they can’t guarantee to process it within a week especially that my intended flight is coming soon, so I must be patient about the complaint procedures.

I cannot take it. I can’t help it. By December 11, I bought another ticket to Emirates and my flight was moved and the stay is prolonged. Emirates made such an injustice action that really made me upset. Even my friend too. We both lose money. It’s not what we intend to happen. They fucked us up.

After all the things happened to me and my friend…. I don’t know if my vacation would be alright. I don’t know.

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