New York Countdown (Story 2)

It has been a week since the last time I post about our unexpected trip to USA. Unfortunately, my friend won’t be able to come with me. It’s freaking long story. I feel sad and at the same time, my excitement fades away. He’ll be going back to Philippines instead.

I am on my own now. I really thank to the people who will accompany during my stay in USA thought almost all the time, I’ll be traveling alone like – touring around, take photographs and shit. I am also a bit scared for the New Year’s Eve countdown. I really want to go to Time Square so bad to witness the big city welcoming year 2014. Different people, different opinions: some say it’s not a good idea to go there and wait for almost 8-9hours just for a 10 seconds event. I know it’s gonna be very cold and tiring, and if you leave your spot in Time Square, it will be taken by groups. I do not know what will happen to be there, but I hope I would enjoy it.

Going back to my last blog. There’s actually a lot of miserable things happened to me and my friend – especially the cancellation of our ticket due to some wrong understanding of usage in Emirate’s website and not-synchronized transaction from their customer care hotline.

November 29: Me and my friend had our own appointment. I went to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA Singapore) to apply for Permanent Residency.  Even-though I know it’s very tough to get a PR status here in Singapore, I just don’t care. Who knows? While my friend went to USA Embassy for his B1/B2 VISA application. Same day, he got the result and it’s approved. We’re both fucking excited and our face were glowing and started to plan about our Christmas and NYE vacation.  We even bought winter wears and a boots.

My friend bought a ticket from Emirates Airlines and we’re soooooo damn excited! At last! – Our vacation will be great this year. Different country, different place and another experience.

December 2: Monday afternoon, the USA Embassy suddenly called my friend to his office. He told me that he is very nervous and scared because the Embassy wants him to go back for an appointment this coming Wednesday. I, too, scared and get worried.

December 4: Wednesday, my friend said that his VISA is already printed and ready for delivery, but there’s something wrong with his application and the consulate decided to cancel it. It is actually really depressing because of what they did to my friend’s passport. They tapped a blank stamp with a capslock word: “CANCELLED” many times as if he is a criminal or an ex-convict. His other friends too were shocked of what they did. It’s not good to see. What if he goes to another country, the immigration will see “US VISA – CANCELLED”. It looks awful and they will have a bad impression to my friend.

However, I will not disclose the reason why his VISA got cancelled. It’s way too confidential.

Moving on..

Our plans shattered into pieces and we’re both brokenhearted due to what happen.

Am I still going? or what?

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