New York Countdown (Story 1)

I am so much excited to celebrate my Christmas and New Year in New York. Me and my friend will be leaving Singapore on 22nd of December, then connect our flight via United Arab Emirates, and we’re arriving to JFK afternoon on 23rd of December. Though it’s not my first time to be away from my family during this holiday, but I feel like it’s my first time because everything is different. The place, – people, – weather and most of all, it’s approximately 9,537.74 miles away from my place.

I also live in a tropical country, so I am not really used to a negative degree temperature. So far, the coldest place that I had been was last November 2012. We went to Hong Kong and Macau and I already got chilled to the bone in 12 degree – Celsius. Yeah right I am too weak.

It’s really fun to travel: getting to know the places, meet new set of friends, and take memorable photographs in popular landmarks. Me and my friend’s dream is the New York’s New Year countdown. I think it’s amazing especially for a tourist and for me – I grew up from an economically disadvantaged country. I feel so lucky because I have a chance to go back and forth to USA – thanks to Intel Computer Clubhouse, you are the reason why  🙂

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