Design for a Cause


Design for a Cause.
Though I had been working as a Senior Web Designer in an IT Solutions company, my salary doesn’t give enough justice to pay me. It’s a long story why I’m earning this kind of amount, but to sum it all, when I moved to Singapore, I actually didn’t know what is my rate and having a doubt in currency so the company decided what to offer.

I noticed that cost of living in this country is too tough and I had to propel my career as a freelance designer to survive. It’s actually really tough to work as a foreigner in Singapore especially if you’re an ordinary worker because you only depend on your working VISA category. Once you quit your job, you make sure you have another company with a slot for foreigner-quota to hire you, otherwise, you have 30 day(s) to clear your things.

With the use of my skills in web technology, I’d like to re-brand my website as a personal fundraising site which will help me support my family and at the same time, my health. I know it’s impossible for me to do all these things in one-shot, and all these costs stop me from saving for my future. I had to risk and take a lot of projects even the price they wanted to pay is unreasonable.

This “Design for Cause” will express how much the opportunity means to me and how we can help each other meet our goals = (Client and Designer).

In the future, my design for a cause site will:
* I can offer you a customized design whether you want a personal blog site, informative start up company website or a simple e-Commerce site.
* Take your time to give me your website specifications, do not forget how much you’re willing to donate.
* Once I receive your specs, I’ll have to review and make evaluation then I’ll get back to you regarding to the materials I need, timeline and target launch date.

More details coming soon! 🙂

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