What’s wrong Philippines?

I can’t take it anymore. I am also one of the concerned Filipino citizen.

Please watch this luxurious grande 21st birthday party of Jeane, daughter of Janet Napoles. Her mom is a Filipino businesswoman who is believed to have masterminded the Priority Development Assistance Fund scam worth 10 Billion Pesos.

According to the news, Napoles’ wealthy lifestyle, properties, cars, luxurious bags and dress, celebrations and etc. came from our Filipino citizen’s tax/funds or whatever the fuck it is. I am not so sure with the terms but then, as what I am saying, it’s not their own money and not even inherited from her maternal family. It came from Janet Napoles’ pocketing the interest in Pork Barrel. (Pork Barrel is appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative’s district.)

Philippines should’ve been one of the Asia’s richest country due to the complexity of our natural resources and remarkable culture. But due to the messy government, we never had any chance to bring back ourselves onto the top.

It’s really hard to pin point whose fault is it. If the stupid people voted the wrong person, or the people on the throne used their intelligence to an evil way.

Rampant Rabbit [R21]

Note: This post is intended for those open minded people only. If you do not like the content, it’s your fault that you continuously read this. Thank you 🙂

As for my birthday gift for myself I bought a new sex toy… and I am soo excited when I opened it. It’s kinda bigger than my current toy (Climax Gem). I think this one has more sensational feeling and it’s called Rabbit Vibrator.

Rabbit vibrator (also known as a Jack Rabbit vibrator or Jessica Rabbit vibrator) is a vibrating and rotating sex toy made in the shape of a phallus with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft. source


I bought it around SGD 89 or (UD 69.79) at Discreetly Sex Toys (Adult Online Store in Singapore). The delivery is so fast and it’s the same day doorstep delivery (2-5pm or 5-8 pm). However, there’s a condition:
* Payment received before 9am will be delivered on the same day after 2pm.
* Payment received after 9am will be delivered the next day.

Product Description
This is The Rotating One, a sensational Rampant Rabbit that moves like no other!

Powerful, smooth and flexible, this is a vibrator that promises to satisfy and excite as the metal beads in the shaft rotate in every direction. With 7 vibrating settings in the clit stim and 3 functions in the penis-like shaft, you’ll quickly find the perfect orgasmic setting that’s suited to you as you control everything from the buttons at the base. Formerly known as the Platinum Plus, it’s also totally waterproof and very quiet.

The Rotating One has an insertable length of almost 6 inches, so is suitable for Rampant Rabbit beginners and connoisseurs too. It’s also totally latex free.

Rampant Rabbit – SIMPLY THE BEST

The original world-famous Rampant Rabbit family, exclusively at Ann Summers.

Ann Summers set out to select the highest quality sex toys in the world – the best materials, the best designs, the best technology – and we bring them to you right here, in the Pleasure Emporium.

Battery Type : 3 x AA (not included)
Brand : Ann Summers
Diameter : 0-1 inch
Features : Rotates
Features : Waterproof
Length : 5-7 inches
Vibrating Functions : 7 Ear functions – 3 Shaft functions
Material : PVC/ABS

Cosplay for Annual Dinner

Last Friday (February 1, 2013), we had our company’s “Annual Dinner and Dance Party”, and at the same time, pre-celebration for upcoming Chinese New Year. The theme is in a comical fantasy wearing our favorite manga, comic superheroes, villains and other role-playing games character suits. The venue was held at Brewbaker’s Kitchen & Bar, 59 Anchorvale Road #01-06 Anchorvale Community Club.

I actually don’t have any idea what to wear when it was announced a month before the event. I’ve been asking my friends if what are their suggestions while some of them are trolling me. lol. I’m also worried nothing will fit me if I rent because I don’t have a good figure. Because usually costume rentals have limited sizes and I don’t trust the fittings as well as the design. lol. It’s also way too expensive,  I checked the local shops, it’s around $80++. Dang! I won’t waste my money for 1 day just because of a simple costume.

I ended up making my own. I love customizing and designing stuffs.. So I go for an impossible suit. I portrayed Poisonous Ivy. — Hell yeah! I know it’s really daring 😛

I prepared my costume 1 week before the event. Since this is my first time to join a cosplay and heard that best costumes will receive awesome prizes such as iPad and other gadgets, so I really exert all my effort. I used my corset, risked for it because I am going to stitch up all the leaves.

The following are the materials I bought:

Artificial Leaves – S$36 (S$2 each 18 packs at Daiso)
White gloves – S$2 (Daiso)
Fabric Dye Dylon – S$5 (Home Decor)
Cheap Sewing Kit – S$ 1.50 (Value Dollar)
Chiffon green skirt – S$10 (Bugis Market)
I wasn’t able to use the Hair Spray Dye Color – S$4.50 (Mustaffa Shopping Centre)
Overall, I spent like around: S$58.50 ~ S$60.00

Other materials that I already have are: Glue, Water Color, Pencil and Paper for sketching, Scissor, and Crêpe paper (This supposed to make my mask, but fail lol)

IMG_3112[1] IMG_2993[1]
IMG_2879 IMG_2878
IMG_2995[1] IMG_2997[1]

However, I failed dying my hair, so I planned to buy a wig for Poison Ivy, but I ended up renting at Outram Park Costume Shop for $55.00.
OMG! Too expensive. lol.

During the event, my colleagues were all surprised that I actually wear a sexy and daring costume. Even me!! I can’t believe that I am wearing it. I actually won 3rd place, but it’s okay! It’s my first time 😛 Instead of getting nothing 🙂

The guy wearing “The Incredibles” won the 1st place, the girl wearing “Morrigan Aensland” is the 2nd place, and me as “Poison Ivy” the 3rd place. The criteria of winning is based on talent on how they portray their characters.. Hahaha!!


Me won an iPod Nano 16GB Silver (7th Generation) and a hundred worth of shopping voucher in Takashimaya. Yay!! Shopping!!

IMG_3205[2] IMG_3243[1]

It was fun! I enjoyed the night.. I think I have an interest now in joining cosplay lol.

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