Camz V.2 goes Responsive

I designed and developed my website 3 years ago, and it’s not a good excuse to say that I had been busy to my full-time job and freelance projects that’s why I wasn’t able to update my personal website/portfolio.

I received few comments about my website and most of them are:

  • “You got an annoying sidebar that sticks on the left side…”
  • “I hate that when I visit on my mobile, I can’t even read properly the content because of your annoying sidebar..”
  • “I like the idea of your website, but can you make it responsive?”
  • “Hey Cam, I glanced to your website, it’s good to maintain the minimalist design, but I feel like it’s too old school, isn’t it? I mean in terms of not being able to adopt to new mobile technology?”
  • “Can you write more articles? haha..”

So here’s the update. The current status of my v.2 is at 50%. Design wise, I retain the concept on v.1, but usability, I enhanced a bit. Development? I need to re-code my blog to make it dynamic πŸ˜€

Camz v.2 Coming Soon!
Camz v.2 Coming Soon!

This v.2 will be fully responsive, meaning, it can be viewed to different screen-size and works to all major browsers from IE9++, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Let me tell you a bit about CAMZHOT.
The colour scheme, style and typography reflects to the personality of (me) as owner of the website. It has a huge impact on our emotions and other aspects of a well being. As you can see, Black, White and Red are the shades of my website.

There is a meaning why I picked these colours. Red because it simply reflects to me that I am aggressive, associated with passion, love, sexuality, enthusiasm, life, determination and anything that is strong. It is also linked to the most primitive physical, emotional, and financial needs of survival which explains that I am a freelancer, that in-spite of my full-time job, I also do side line jobs to support my family.

Red also represent both cupid and the devil which I think it’s matched with Black and White colour. In Asia, specifically Chinese, there’s this symbol called Yin-Yang. A round symbol that is equally divided into 2 colours. Yin is the black, while Yang is the white. Basically it explains that no matter how bad(black colour) the person is, there is a good inside of them. Same as a good person, they have an evil side.

And most of all, I believe in the saying that:
“If you think facts or situations are black and white, you have a simple and very certain opinion about them, often when other people think they are really more complicated.”

You might also ask why
Before I bought my domain, I was playing an online game with my friends and we discussed about what domain should I name my website? We ended up pointing out my hobby and what I like most. So we ended up to:

Why CamzHot?
Why CamzHot?

It was actually CamzShot. After a year, I forgot to renew, so the domain has been locked and I can’t get it anymore.

CamzShot forms a weird sound and make people think what is really inside that website? Attracts attention and gives people a curiosity. To sum it up, the design of my website is plain and simple. In short, minimalistic style. Nothing fancy and glamorous.

Clients from HELL: Product’s Packaging Design

I’ve been a fan of this website called “Clients from Hell“. Basically, it features a collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers and I can really relate to them. I experienced some of their funny stories.

I recently have another packaging design project and it all went to air. I’d like to make my story short and sweet. So, my client asked for a quotation if how much will it cost to do 3 packaging design, different sizes and different products to present.

Let’s say for example, you’re selling a “Mango Pie”. Your packaging design, of course, will show a mango element, and a final product of how does your “Mango Pie” looks like. So I think the main key is a “Mango”.

Basic design steps:
1. Know what is the branding colour, if they have CI guide, much better.
2. Typography
3. Design creative graphic elements for visuals
4. Blend it with “Mango” and a “Mango Pie” picture
5. Fantastic and eye-catching copy-writing

Again, you’re selling “Mango Pie” and by nature: We, as a consumers, are very visual. What we see is what we always wanted especially when you’re buying something. So you’re expecting that – that product in the picture may not be exactly the same as the actual, but at least, it’s quite accurate.

The thing is, my client doesn’t have any original pictures of their product. So, how are you going to find resources? We buy stock images.

Stock photography is the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses. It is used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments instead of hiring a photographer, often for a lower cost. Today, stock images can be presented in searchable online databases. They can be purchased and delivered online.”

Dietary supplement - Stock Image by iStock Photos
Dietary supplement – Stock Image by iStock Photos

Based on my knowledge and experience, a product design especially if it consist with human elements and other realistic photos, you’re required to:

  1. Must have your original photographs of your product. In that sense, you hire photographers to take photos of your model or the product you’re selling.
  2. If (1) is not available, then you will purchase a stock photos that will represent your product. Remember that you’re selling a “Mango Pie”, so you’re not going to pick an “Orange”.

So on my quotation, I listed that each design can have at least 2-3 stock photos.
A little secret on how I quote my project is based on: (a) Creative concept (b) Time and Effort required (c) Quality of work (d) Product requirements (e) Additional charges if any.

And before I perform my work, it was all clear and explained on my quotation and she agreed on it.

After few days of revisions and minor changes, we discussed that the design is finalized, and before sending the source/working files, I need to get paid and submitted the total charges.

My client was so surprised with the total charges although my friendly price gives enough reasoning and justice, but in the end, she still ask for CHEAP PRICE. I’m like.. What???! I feel insulted, and she feel cheated?

So funny to hear her saying “I feel cheated” when I can really throw her all the conversations from chat and emails attached with quotations. I don’t understand what more they want to lower down the price, if I do, it’s like a slap on my face that I am working already for free.

Maybe, we need to be brave enough to say that our profession and skills doesn’t deserve to be treated like nothing. Yes, we are “FREELANCERS”, but it doesn’t mean, we work for FREE. What matters is that, you’re truthful to your job and you do what you can do to meet client’s requirements without regrets on your service because “some clients” are abusive and they will use a lot of excuses to bring you down. So~ be careful.

Truth about my HTML/CSS Life

I learned CSS on my own when I was 14 years old.Β It all started in Friendster where I am addicted creating dummy accounts just to write testimonials on my profile. While I got attracted with bling bling signatures, and started to ask how the fuck they do that. I have no idea how I get myself looking at HTML codes, I just woke up one day reading <a hrefs> and <imgs> tags. – Bling Glitter Graphics

Basically, I am a very jealous type of person and as much as possible I want to do better things than what they are doing. And of course, to make an improvement, I do it in a silent way. I admit and consider to label myself (sometimes) as a great stalker. I visit my friend’s profile counting how many testimonials they have and compare to what I have and make sure I am always still on the top notch. The more testimonials you have, the better profile status you get.

Until, again, ONE DAY, someone beside me renting in the computer cafe got this fancy background images like a matrix, with colourful fonts. I was like, HOW!?!


I tried to remember his name on the screen and searched him after he left the cafe, I found his stunning profile, and I was able to track the website where he customized it because of the so-called “CREDITS” link to PimpMyProfile website generator.


I did it too! My Friendster profile has already background and got different font colours and styles. I bragged about it to my friends. The next day, my friends customized their page too. I can’t accept the fact that someone did the same thing as mine.

To make myself look cool, I studied on my own what is HTML and CSS, I been reading the page source codes and I still have no idea what is <html>, <p></p>, <style>, <body> and etc. Spending my days in front of computer during summer and writing codes just to make my profile totally different and I made it. Due to my hardwork and jealousy, I revamped Friendster’s standard profile page. I hid certain tables and divs.

From that experience, I got this first freelance project. I received inbox messages from my friends how I managed to do that. I am way too ambitious and offered them to pay me Php50.00 which is approximately $1.30 then I can work with their page.

Till then, I’ve known HTML and CSS for the past 10 years. At my young age, I discovered so many things and up until now, still learning how to manipulate the page with the use of CSS. I am not saying that I memorized everything, but then, “WHAT IS WEB RIGHT NOW?”. We can copy-paste and modify to make brilliant things. I am not being hypocrite, I think most of us, Web Designers, have this in common. We know the differences of each tags, properties, elements and values. We also do research, testing, modification and revamp.

At the end of the day, we are just following one rule/standards no matter how fancy things are. Time flies so fast so does technology.

Design for a Cause


Design for a Cause.
Though I had been working as a Senior Web Designer in an IT Solutions company, my salary doesn’t give enough justice to pay me. It’s a long story why I’m earning this kind of amount, but to sum it all, when I moved to Singapore, I actually didn’t know what is my rate and having a doubt in currency so the company decided what to offer.

I noticed that cost of living in this country is too tough and I had to propel my career as a freelance designer to survive. It’s actually really tough to work as a foreigner in Singapore especially if you’re an ordinary worker because you only depend on your working VISA category. Once you quit your job, you make sure you have another company with a slot for foreigner-quota to hire you, otherwise, you have 30 day(s) to clear your things.

With the use of my skills in web technology, I’d like to re-brand my website as a personal fundraising site which will help me support my family and at the same time, my health. I know it’s impossible for me to do all these things in one-shot, and all these costs stop me from saving for my future. I had to risk and take a lot of projects even the price they wanted to pay is unreasonable.

This “Design for Cause” will express how much the opportunity means to me and how we can help each other meet our goals = (Client and Designer).

In the future, my design for a cause site will:
* I can offer you a customized design whether you want a personal blog site, informative start up company website or a simple e-Commerce site.
* Take your time to give me your website specifications, do not forget how much you’re willing to donate.
* Once I receive your specs, I’ll have to review and make evaluation then I’ll get back to you regarding to the materials I need, timeline and target launch date.

More details coming soon! πŸ™‚

Designer behind the bars

Sometimes I enjoy my job being a designer: I feel proud that I’m the one behind the conceptual design, UX/Web strategy and integration. At the same time, I hate it because I signed a contract that whatever company/brand that I worked on, will be a property of my company and shall not claim as my personal work.

As for my portfolio, it’s gonna be private and will be sent for professional purpose only. Singapore legal affairs almost kicked my ass a year ago when I aired it publicly because some stalker used to search my name all over the internet and reported me. LOL #fail. (I made her a troll post – Click Here)

From that moment, I was in the hot seat in our company and some people also started to stalk my Facebook wall posts. So I deleted and blocked them because every post I made they assume that I am attacking someone they know. But honestly speaking, they are taking it personally, so better get off my crib. Sorry guys, but I want a freedom. <3

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

Being employed in an IT Solutions company or any web/digital agencies can be tough. First of all, your name doesn’t even have a credit, it’s gonna be the company or the brand itself. There are many factors that will affect if the credentials are directly pointed to that person.

1. Clash of the competitors
Normally, Most competitors stalks other companies. They want their features to be unique against same industry; They gather information from different sources and try to enhance what they miss.

2. Brand disappointment
Let’s say you’re a visitor of my website, and I do freelance design. You want to hire me because your impression to my website attracts you and it gives you the feeling that you can trust me. I own this website, so I can do better for my customer as well. But then, you found out that there’s a 3rd party involved which most of the concept came from another person. Would you feel cheated and disappointed? -Busted!

3. Personal Interest
Some companies hires freelancers so they can pay cheaper. If they know that this person is capable of everything, they can pay less than an agency/company price. Imagine “Company X” costs $50,000 for this project, while they can get $20,000 to a freelancers with the same quality?

4. Contract Infringement
Some employed designers like me signed a contract under our XXXX company. I agreed with their terms and conditions and once I fail to do so, I will be charged by legal affairs and will undergo into some sort of process.

I feel like a designer behind the bars. I have something but I can’t brag it. But that’s how it is.

Bitstrip: Comics starring you and your friends

This is one of the most fast growing application around the internet. It’s very cool and unique. Such a creative idea how these people conceptualize the comic version of an individual and thousands of status strips for you to choose on. I like how they designed it and attract massive social media users – including me! It’s a +99999 score for them and really recommended to ALL of my friends out there πŸ™‚

I wonder if there’s a chance I could work to their company haha πŸ˜›
I love it sooo much.. You could really also personalize the call-outs and captions according to the mood and scene. The search function is real time and easy to use. In short, it’s simple but awesome!

I know in the future, they could add another feature where people can choose a short story-line comic strip from different events. Damn… Me gusta πŸ˜€

Visit: Bitstrips offical Page


Cosplay for Annual Dinner

Last Friday (February 1, 2013), we had our company’s “Annual Dinner and Dance Party”, and at the same time, pre-celebration for upcoming Chinese New Year. The theme is in a comical fantasy wearing our favorite manga, comic superheroes, villains and other role-playing games character suits. The venue was held at Brewbaker’s Kitchen & Bar, 59 Anchorvale Road #01-06 Anchorvale Community Club.

I actually don’t have any idea what to wear when it was announced a month before the event. I’ve been asking my friends if what are their suggestions while some of them are trolling me. lol. I’m also worried nothing will fit me if I rent because I don’t have a good figure. Because usually costume rentals have limited sizes and I don’t trust the fittings as well as the design. lol. It’s also way too expensive,Β  I checked the local shops, it’s around $80++. Dang! I won’t waste my money for 1 day just because of a simple costume.

I ended up making my own. I love customizing and designing stuffs.. So I go for an impossible suit. I portrayed Poisonous Ivy. — Hell yeah! I know it’s really daring πŸ˜›

I prepared my costume 1 week before the event. Since this is my first time to join a cosplay and heard that best costumes will receive awesome prizes such as iPad and other gadgets, so I really exert all my effort. I used my corset, risked for it because I am going to stitch up all the leaves.

The following are the materials I bought:

Artificial Leaves – S$36 (S$2 each 18 packs at Daiso)
White gloves – S$2 (Daiso)
Fabric Dye Dylon – S$5 (Home Decor)
Cheap Sewing Kit – S$ 1.50 (Value Dollar)
Chiffon green skirt – S$10 (Bugis Market)
I wasn’t able to use the Hair Spray Dye Color – S$4.50 (Mustaffa Shopping Centre)
Overall, I spent like around: S$58.50 ~ S$60.00

Other materials that I already have are: Glue, Water Color, Pencil and Paper for sketching, Scissor, and CrΓͺpe paper (This supposed to make my mask, but fail lol)

IMG_3112[1] IMG_2993[1]
IMG_2879 IMG_2878
IMG_2995[1] IMG_2997[1]

However, I failed dying my hair, so I planned to buy a wig for Poison Ivy, but I ended up renting at Outram Park Costume Shop for $55.00.
OMG! Too expensive. lol.

During the event, my colleagues were all surprised that I actually wear a sexy and daring costume. Even me!! I can’t believe that I am wearing it. I actually won 3rd place, but it’s okay! It’s my first time πŸ˜› Instead of getting nothing πŸ™‚

The guy wearing “The Incredibles” won the 1st place, the girl wearing “Morrigan Aensland” is the 2nd place, and me as “Poison Ivy” the 3rd place. The criteria of winning is based on talent on how they portray their characters.. Hahaha!!


Me won an iPod Nano 16GB Silver (7th Generation) and a hundred worth of shopping voucher in Takashimaya. Yay!! Shopping!!

IMG_3205[2] IMG_3243[1]

It was fun! I enjoyed the night.. I think I have an interest now in joining cosplay lol.

Jeepney Flugtag Design

Last October 28, it was Singapore’s first time to have Redbull Flugtag event held in Siloso Beach, Sentosa. It’s a wackiest human-powered flying crafts that take off a 6 meter ramp into the lagoon. It’s about total of 38 teams attempted, amidst cheers from a 35,000 strong crowd, to break the Red Bull Flugtag world record distance of 69.79m.

However, my friend is one of the contestant and their team is named as “Spawn-taneous”. The group is composed of Filipino people in Singapore who have a common interest in Sports such as Paragliding and Wake-boarding.

I was able to help design their entry, and I am really proud of my creative paint design. It’s actually inspired from Team Manila Philippines with a touch of abstract imagination. Although Rizal isn’t that accurate, but I tried hahaha πŸ˜€

We’ve been working out together for 1 week straight just to make everything perfect πŸ™‚
It’s cool and amazing! We made it!