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Camz V.2 goes Responsive

Posted on November 26, 2014

I designed and developed my website 3 years ago, and it’s not a good excuse to say that I had been busy to my full-time job and freelance projects that’s I wasn’t able to update my personal website/portfolio. I received few comments about my website and most of them are: “You got an annoying sidebar […]

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Rants about my recent project design. Would you dare to buy a mango pie?

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As of today, I realized that I just traveled a total of 28,521.912 miles since I was 16 years old internationally.

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Truth about my HTML/CSS Life

Posted on October 16, 2014

I learned CSS on my own when I was 14 years old. It all started in Friendster where I am addicted creating dummy accounts just to write testimonials on my profile. While I got attracted with bling bling signatures, and started to ask how the fuck they do that. I have no idea how I get […]

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Perks of being Filipino

Posted on September 23, 2014

It’s when you’re almost there, and you miss that big shot. Sometimes I want to hate my country, sometimes I feel pity of myself why is this happening to me?

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Do you believe in dreams?

Posted on September 15, 2014

Do you believe in dreams? Or do you believe that those unexpected things will really happen? I am a victim of this fortune. I am not so sure if this will really come true, but it’s almost there. I recently applied for a job as a Web Designer in a very well-known world leader in […]

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My broken ankle got friendzoned

Posted on June 5, 2014

Why it’s likely to be injured physically than emotionally? I guess it’s meant to be that way. #emo!!!

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I met this guy

Posted on May 24, 2014

Here we go again, and I hate when I meet someone who will just leave again in the end. But the story goes…

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Design for a Cause

Posted on May 4, 2014

Coming Soon: Re-branding my website as a personal fundraising webpage is a way to raise money for myself for a cause. My website will also feature my designs with names and messages of encouragement from donors.

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Overnight trip to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca Malaysia. Lots of long walks, picture takings and eating local foods.

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